The Village Chapel began as a Bible Study in May 2002.  We held our first service on June 30, 2002 in a remodeled barn. We remained there for the summer of 2002. Our church moved to the Francestown Elementary School in September 2002 where we remained until May 2006.

We moved into the Weare Middle School on the 2nd Sunday of May at the start of the Flood of 2006.  The construction of the new Middle School building and demolition of this building necessitated our move into the Center Woods Elementary School for the summer of 2007.

We moved into the Twin Bridge facility for the First Sunday in October 2007.  In January 2018 we began joint services with Weare Bible Baptist Church and share their facility in the middle of Weare. We are praising the Lord for the use of this building and look forward to reaching the surrounding communities of Weare and Goffstown.